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From the Desk of the Dentist

There are so many exciting things happening at Packham Avenue Dental these days, the most obvious being this new website! I am very excited about the launch of the website as it means we can begin several projects to reach out to new and existing clients. Not only can you check out the clinic and our services but you can also book your appointment online! It only made sense for us to have a detailed website as we are already fully computer supported in the clinic and have digital technology to support our x-rays. We are also in the process of converting all our existing paper charts to electronic, effectively moving our office to paperless! Hopefully the only papers we have around the clinic are the magazines we set out for our patients to read!

With our new marketing programs and website we are expecting a flood of new clients and are preparing for this by doing some renovations! We have a beautiful new wood grain laminate in the waiting room as well as some new lighting giving the reception and waiting room a little Starbucks appeal. We also painted in the clinic adding a feature wall of light sage green to give it a more peaceful feeling…we are doing everything we can to help patients get through their treatments with ease! Each operatory has 2 computers now as the assistant also requires a computer to enter the patient's treatment plan as the dentist does their exam. All the changes are a reflection of our desire to stay up to date with the latest trends both with style and with technology.

Personally, I am keeping up with technology by providing the placement of dental implants for our patients who want their teeth replaced by a permanent option that provides the stability of natural teeth. I have trained extensively in Regina and Edmonton to be able to surgically place the implants as well as restore them to look like and feel like your original tooth! If you are interested in this technology we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision. I still provide all the dental services: crowns and bridges, root canals, resin (white filling material) and porcelain cosmetic and functional restorations, partials and complete dentures and last but not least, extractions (simple and surgical). We also provide sedation for anxious patients, dental hygiene services from a registered dental hygienist and child treatment services from Amanda, our registered dental therapist who specializes in child dental treatment.

At Packham Avenue Dental we work together to provide high quality, patient centered dental care while maintaining a positive and peaceful workplace, by practising mutual respect and open communication. We look forward to meeting you and your dental needs!

Dr. Orr, DMD. RN.