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Client testimonials from some of our dental patients.


Our family chose Dr. Orr as our dentist shortly after she established Packham Ave. Dental. I have always been extremely impressed with her office staff, her hygienists and her excellent personal service and care. The office staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They always know me when I call for an appointment. Dr. Orr is confident and caring in her dental work. She is thorough in her explanations of the work she feels she must do. I never wonder if she is doing unnecessary work. I trust her completely. My last appointment was Aug. 2010. I must say, the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth was THE best hygienist EVER!! Our family moved away from Saskatoon two years ago, but we didn't change dentists. We still make our trek to Saskatoon for our regular cleanings and dental work. Thanks Dr. Orr, for caring for my family's oral health.


My visit to Packham Avenue Dental was a pleasant experience. The entire team of staff were very friendly, and the service was prompt. I look forward to my next visit.


Thank you so much for your services. I'm feeling a 100% better after the extraction of the tooth that made me feel unhealthy for 5 years. I found everyone very friendly in the clinic. Dr. Glenda your service was very gentle and caring. I would refer anyone to your clinic. Again, thank you so very much!


What child looks forward to going to the dentist??? MINE!!! Dr. Orr was our 3 year old's first (and only) dentist. Like most, he was a bit anxious about having the "tooth doctor" look into his mouth. His fears subsided as soon as we walked into Dr. Orr's brand new office. She met him at the door, explained what she would do in a way he could clearly understand, then took him on a tour of her office, showing him all of her fancy equipment. He was more than ready to jump into her chair because the best part would come after his appointment--choosing a prize from the "fun drawer".

Dr. Orr made him feel comfortable with her reassurance. She was so very caring and gentle during his treatment. Imagine my delight when we walked out the door with his carefully chosen "prize" and he exclaimed, "When can I go see "Dr. Glenda" again?!" I would not trade that first positive experience for anything! I never have to push and prod our child, who is now 9 years old, to go to the dentist. He's always there with a smile on his face!! Thank you, Dr. Orr!


Being I never had a tooth pulled...I was nervous but you had the patience it took Dr Orr to talk to me and by the time it was pulled I was relaxed and it made it easier for me... I was a dental assistant for many years...although things have changed in that time the basics have not. You have a wonderful staff, a well organized and well run office and you Dr. Orr are a wonderful dentist with gentle hands and a caring attitude for your patients. My tooth cavity healed well & very little discomfort.


Dr. Orr and her staff are great!!! When I first went there 4 years ago, my teeth were yellow and rotting from the inside out and they did everything they could to get my teeth to how they look now, which is, as I asked "A Hollywood smile" I would recommend Dr. Orr to anyone. I won't go anywhere else.


I love the work Dr. Glenda Orr does! Not only does she take time with you to make sure you are comfortable and not in pain,but she will even go say hi to your family & kids that are waiting in the front! She's also got a very good staff that cares! It makes you feel very relaxed & not dread going to the dentist!


I have been a patient of Dr. Orr’s for 8 years. I went to Dr. Orr’s office with severe pain she immediately began treatment. She is extremely knowledgeable and is informed on the newest, best treatments for her patients. Dr. Orr makes you feel like you are the most important patient she has ever had she is that in tune with each individual patient. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Orr - my whole family now goes to Dr. Orr and we are all extremely satisfied.